Clean Water for Timorese People
Since independence from Indonesia, aged care home "Klibur Domin" survived largely intact the terrible events that followed the referendum. Klibur Domin was incorporated into Ryder Cheshire Foundation Australia with the aim of providing relief for some of the thousands of sick and disabled Timorese people who suffered terribly in the murder, arson, and pillage.  In August 1999 Ryder Cheshire Foundation assumed control and in 2000 with the aid of some Victorian Rotary clubs provided a team of nine volunteers who set about repairing the buildings, and restoring what could be used to house inpatients.
Volunteers have been assisting regularly ever since with the aim of providing expertise which is not available locally. After Casterton Rotary visited in 2017 to establish vegetable gardens and fruit trees on site, Casterton Rotary pledged to provide water filtration utilising  bore water which was only used for gardens, as well as supplying a fully functional drip irrigation system for the vegetables and fruit.
With donations from Casterton Farm Supplies and Puretec water filtration, the recently completed water filtration unit was installed and water from site is now usable for all patients, kitchens, and dental clinic, saving over US$1200/annum buying bottled water.
Vegetables and fruit are now in abundance, saving weekly trips to the local market to buy for the kitchens, and Netafim Australia has donated a complete irrigation system, which is to be installed when international travel resumes post  COVID-19.
Paul and Shirley Talay as well as Tony Mewburn, were the original volunteers from Casterton. Tony and Marianne have been back since along with a number of volunteers from local District 9870 clubs, under the auspices of Mt Gambier Ryder Cheshire. Volunteers face particular challenges while working at Klibur Domin, however the appreciation from the locals make it very worthwhile. Many thanks go to Casterton Farm Supplies, Puretec Water Filtration and Netafim for their donations, without these this worthwhile project would not happen.