#3472 – Bulletin 13/10/16
General News:
AGM – Thursday 20/10/16 @ Glenelg Inn, normal meeting time. Peter Gorman will be the minute taker and our guest speaker will be Paul Talay (hopefully the electronics will work for him this time).
27/10/16 – Swag night at Sacred Heart Primary School. Meet there for dinner from 6pm. Shane to notify if any changes.
Looking to organise a social night with the Casterton Lions Club at the Railway Precinct. The idea put forward included a BBQ tea and discussing joint project ideas with them towards the end of November start of December. Date to be confirmed.
Ballarat Car Raffle – we have tickets to be sold at any time people are available.
SES assistance for flood recovery. Roger has applied for a grant of $500 to assist with the restoration of Rotary Rest Point.
The performance of “The Man they call Banjo” at the town hall was fantastic. For those that haven’t paid for their tickets, please see Chris ASAP.
The next performance at the Town Hall is on Sunday 6th November and is called “Over There…Great Songs of the War Years”. It is musical show with tributes to Normie Rowe and the Vietnam War. Tickets are $25 full price, $20 Consession, $10 student, $55 Family. Show starts at 2pm and has a 1.5hr duration. For tickets call 5554 2444 or go to www.glenelg.vic.gov.au/ticketing
Rotary Foundation – All clubs are asked to nominate their contributions for the upcoming year. As a club, we voted that $1000 would be our contribution.
Thanks to all those that helped at the working bee today at the railway precinct. There was a bit to get done and is now looking very swish.
M.A.G.I.C. –
Raffle – Robbie and Jean have made a fantastic start with selling tickets for our wheelbarrow full of goodies. If anyone would like to help out, the barrow, table, tickets and money are at Robbie’s place so please go and give them a hand.
Roger has visited all the gardens and reports that the owners are all very happy and the gardens are looking great (with no help from the lousy weather).  All artists & food vendors have organised visits to their gardens and are all prepared to go on Sunday.
To refresh: Co-Ordinators for each garden are –
CMH = Shane Gill                                                                                                                          
Mick Foster & Sue McCallums = Peter Gorman                                                                                         
Vicki & Michelle’s = Heather Clinton                                                                                                      
Graham and Lana Smith = Wally Walsh                                                                                                 
Railway Precinct = Kaye/Darren/Chris/Sue
Vicki Saint did a fantastic interview with ABC radio which was aired last Friday. Well done Vicki!
Gate Keepers :–
  • CMH – Shane and Heather Gill
  • Birch Hill – Troy
  • Vicki Saints – Bowls Club
  • Smiths – Probus & Wando Vale Hall Ladies Aux
Tickets are available at the registration point at the Railway precinct. Cost $20 each which grants entry into all 5 gardens. There will be a limited number of tickets available at the gate to each garden for those that have not made it to the registration point.
Chris has organised all the floats for each garden and will distribute these on the day. Should you need change or anything money related on Sunday, please call Chris.
Kaye has it all under control! Articles have been in the local paper for 4 weeks now and will appear in the Hamilton Spec and Portland Observer this week. Many thanks to Ian Lewis for this. Signs have been completed, half page colour ad in the Lifestyle Magazine was very effective. Thanks to Jo Smith from the magazine for this.
Bernard and Pat Gill have offered to be drivers for the day. Many thanks to these wonderful friends of Rotary.
Saints garden will be the first stop on the bus routes, then to Birch Hill, CMH, Smiths and back to the registration point. Busses will run all day, depending on need.
SUNDAY 0800hrs at Railway precinct.
Albion Hotel @ 6pm